4 Ways to optimise your App Store keywords

4 Ways to optimise your App Store keywords

App Store keywords can help your mobile game stand out in an increasingly crowded app store. In Apple’s iTunes App Store, an average of 1,800 games per day were submitted for approval in December 2015, compared to just 892 in December 2012. More than ever, mobile game developers have to find ways to differentiate their games from numerous competitors.

For us there is one way to stand out and that is through strong App store keywords. “Golden keywords,” are search terms that are both popular and underutilise by your competitors, this can mean the difference between a hit game and one that gets lost in the App Store crowd. Here are our four suggestions for optimising those App Store keywords in an increasingly saturated space:

1. Find App Store keywords with less than three competitors

Find App Store keywords that return less than three competitors when searched so that your game will show up at the top of the screen. If you want to measure the popularity of your keyword then we use App Annie, but there are others out there like Sensor Tower that are also good.

2. Use recommended search terms from the App Store

If you start typing words into the iTunes App Store search bar, Apple will return suggestions based on popular inputs. This can give you a hint about which App Store keywords your potential players are using.

3. Use golden keywords in your game name

A catchy or witty name isn’t good enough anymore, as your game needs to be optimised for search, too. When you find golden keywords, try to use them in the name of your app for example “tower” and “bricks” are golden keywords so we called one of our more popular games Tower of Bricks to capitalise on this.

4. Break up complex keywords

If one of your keywords is something like “buildingtowers,” break the term into its constituent parts “building” and “towers.” “Search engines are smart enough to combine keywords, but not to break them up.”  One thing to remember is not to put spaces in the keyword field. You’ll save characters by eliminating spaces, which will allow you add more keywords.

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