Alt Text for Images in WordPress

Alt Text for Images in WordPress

Alt text (also known as alt tags and alternative text) are attributes of an image in the HTML of your web page. Our platform is not just fast and secure, but also SEO friendly and we get a number of questions around making images SEO friendly, especially the use of Alt text. Alt text is commonly used when the image cannot be rendered or by screen readers for visually impaired visitors and are the words that describe the image and help search engines understand and index the image properly.

<img src="dragon-fruit-market-stall" alt="Dragon Fruit">
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How do we write Alt Text

Think of alt tags as a quick phrase that would describe the image in your post. As a best practice, we tend to write and add our alt text as we add new images to our articles.

Best Practices

  • Be Descriptive – Explain the photo, like you would to another person.
  • Be Concise – Approximately 125 characters or 3-8 words, maximum.
  • Avoid Keyword Overload – No extra bits or phrases that don’t match the image.
  • Don’t Include – Avoid using “image of” or “photo of” in the alt tags.

Below are some examples of how we would describe this image of Dragon Fruit.

Dragon Fruit in Market Stall


<img src=”dragon-fruit-market-stall.jpg” alt=”Fruit”>


<img src=”dragon-fruit-market-stall” alt=”Dragon Fruit”>


<img src=”dragon-fruit-market-stall” alt=”Dragon Fruit in Market Stall”>


<img src=”dragon-fruit-market-stall” alt=”Pink Dragon Fruit sour on vacation in Florida”>

How do I add alt text to images in WordPress?

Adding alt text to images in WordPress is easy. As you “Insert Media” into the page, add the text in the appropriate field under “Attachment Details”.


Adding Alt Text for Images in WordPress


Alternatively, you can navigate to your Media Library and access “Attachment Details”.


Adding Alt Text for Images in WordPress


What is an Image Title?

In the screenshot above, you will see the Title field. In WordPress, this Title is used within the content management system to help organise your media. It is not the same as the Image Title attribute more commonly used on the web. The Image Title is displayed as a popup when a user hovers over the image. We don’t recommend worrying about this field for SEO, but it’s good to use if you wish to add the hover state functionality to your website. To access the Image Title in WordPress, edit the image with in the post and select advanced options. Add your image title to the “Image Title Attribute” field.


Adding Alt Text for Images in WordPress


Step by Step on how to add Alt Text for Images in WordPress



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