App Store Optimisation can increase downloads

App Store Optimisation can increase downloads

App Store Optimisation (ASO), or “Mobile SEO”, is gaining popularity as the number of available applications continues to grow. As it becomes increasingly more expensive for developers to buy installs via paid channels, ASO will become an essential app marketing practice.

In our January post: 4 Ways to optimise your App Store keywords, we noted that the App Store had an average of 1,800 games per day submitted for approval in December 2015, compared to just 892 in December 2012. This illustrates why Mobile Game Developers have to find ways to differentiate their games from numerous competitors.

So what do you need to do to get more traffic and gain traction. You should look to build a strong 360° app marketing strategy including actions on social media, public relations and, ultimately, paid acquisition campaigns. However, ASO should also be taken into account at each stage of the strategy.

While the App Store algorithm does not take the app description into account, we feel it’s still important to optimise the iOS description. This needs to be well written, convincing and includes relevant keywords. Here are some tips you can use to increase your chances of being discovered in an over-crowed App Store and increase those installs.

Improve App Store optimisation with targeted keywords

For your App Store Optimisation (ASO), it is important to ensure your description has strong and relevant keywords. You should try to use keywords that will bring you traffic on mobile as well as on your web page.

To have an impact, it is recommended that you repeat your targeted keywords no more than 4 to 5 times. Using less could result in the keyword not being taken into account.  Using more may cause your app to drop down the search rankings for your designated keywords.

Localise your App Store description

It is important to localise your app for every language. English is a great starting point, don’t forget that a lot of people don’t speak or understand another language other than their native one. Also, make sure you remember to localise your “What’s New” section for iOS apps as well.

Translating and localising your app description is a great way to convince more people to download your app. There are actually a number of websites which provide translation services for app developers. One of our favourites is OneSky.

Tease above the fold

Although it is recommended to write a lengthy description, most people won’t read it entirely. In reality, they will most likely read only the first 2 – 3 lines. These first few lines are actually the one shown by the app store, before the fold (the “more” link).

This is where you need to maximise your copywriting efforts in these first few lines and push forward your best features or assets. A good way to increase conversion is to include a great call to action.

People trust each other and love numbers.

If you’ve achieved a significant number of downloads, show it off. Write it in the first few lines of your app description. Have you been featured or had great press coverage? If so, don’t hesitate to include these bragging rights! Here is an example for our Tower of Bricks game.

Tower of Bricks is an award winning arcade game. Tower of Bricks has been ranked and featured in 12 countries, including the USA, Canada and United Kingdom.

Tips to finding the best keywords

If you’re struggling to find strong keywords that will increase your app discoverability, check out our blog post: 4 Ways to optimise your App Store keywords for some useful tips.

Just remember to find keywords with the highest volume of searches possible as well as the lowest volume of competition.  Don’t forget, your keywords should be 100% relevant to your app.

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