Apple App Store generates more revenue than Google Play

Apple App Store generates more revenue than Google Play

When it comes to app store downloads, Google Play is the most impressive. In 2015 Google Play had 100 percent more downloads than the Apple App Store, up 40 percent from 2014. This means Google Play was not only bigger in 2015, but grew a lot faster than the Apple App Store. These latest figures come from App Annie’s retrospective report for 2015 and as always App Annie had a lot of fascinating numbers to share, but the big ones were all centred around comparing and contrasting the two biggest app stores on a global scale.

Apple App Store users spend more money

For us and for some developers it always comes down monetisation and last year Apple’s App Store made over 70 percent more in revenue than Google Play and in terms of actual revenue, the iOS-Android gap is also widening. Let’s look at this another way. iOS may have less market share than Android, but its users tend to spend more money and as mobile developers we know this and try to use it to an advantage.

Here a couple of more interesting points from the App Annie’s retrospective report for 2015 that was released last week:

  • Google Play’s strong download growth was fuelled by emerging markets, namely: Brazil; India; Indonesia; Turkey; and Mexico.
  • Apple’s iOS App Store revenue saw robust growth, driven primarily by China, the U.S., and Japan.
  • The relative contributions of games and apps (games is split out from all other categories) did not deviate from their 2014 levels; games continued to contribute 90 percent of revenue on Google Play and 75 percent on the iOS App Store.

One interesting omission from the report is Windows, it wasn’t mentioned once and makes you wonder how long the Windows Store will be around for.

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