Mobile game marketing tips for developers

Mobile game marketing tips for developers

Mobile game marketing takes persistence, trial and error. As indie game developers, we just want to spend most of our time on the game design and production. To be successful at marketing your mobile games, you have to understand your games and its audience. Here are some important steps for indie developers on a budget.

1. Time your mobile game marketing announcements

We have found that you need to have a solid timeline to base your messaging activities. Announce too soon and your audience will lose interest. Announce too late and they may not even see your messaging. You want to announce a couple of months out from your planned release. Then begin to build excitement with your marketing activities two to three weeks out from launch day. The biggest marketing push would be two to three weeks out from the big launch. You also need to think of the time commitment once the game has been released.

2. Try a mix of marketing tactics

The trick with mobile game marketing is to find the right mix of activities that have the biggest payoff for your game. Connecting to press outlets that reflect your game’s audience can be helpful. You should grow your own audience via Twitter, Reddit, Facebook. Attending indie mobile game events is also a great idea. You can also enter mobile game awards or submit your game to your YouTube channel to create awareness. Remember to stay active and mix up your approach. Don’t forget to continue this approach after the initial launch.

3. Prioritise mobile game marketing

Not only do mobile gaming developers have to create compelling content, you also need to get the word out about your games. You must plan early, be persistent as well as flexible, network and build relationships with other indie mobile game developers, and create a mix of marketing vehicles and tactics.

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