Mobile game tips for building your own audience

Mobile game tips for building your own audience

We are a small indie mobile game company who have big ideas and aspirations. How do we generate the kind of attention to be noticed in the crowded App Store market. Here are some tips to build an audience for your mobile game.

1: Focus your mobile game content

Reddit, Twitter and Instagram. You might already use some of these social media forums to promote your mobile games. Instead of trying to be everywhere at once, pick a couple channels and keep them consistently updated. Recently we’ve had a lot of success with twitter and facebook.

Another great way to make a larger audience aware of new content is to begin the week by tweeting a link to a new blog post. Using the hashtag #MondayBlogs works well. At the end of the week take advantage of trends that already exist in the social space, for example Twitter’s #FF (“Follow Friday”) is a smart way to attach to your Friday tweets along with a list of your favourite Twitter users.

Twitter’s indie game dev community also has #ScreenShotSaturday, when devs post screen grabs of their latest game build, or the #ConceptArt hashtag that’s usually attached to images of development art assets. Try adding the hashtag #IndieDev to your next Tweet to get the bots to help you reach a lot of people, fast.

2: Create and use your own content

Back of napkin sketches, scamps all make for great content. One of the best things about your project is the person (or people) behind it. Putting a face to the name will help you build your brand and help your audience connect with your game.

3: Create content through networking

When it comes to social media, sharing is caring. On your blog, collect the tutorials, studies and other resources you’ve found helpful, repackage them so that you’re adding your own insight and value to the information, and present them to your audience (all you need is a quick intro explaining how the resources impacted your project).

Reposting interesting and informative articles from writers you respect delivers valuable content to your audience. When you give someone a nod for their helpful tip or great blog post you’re building credibility and raising your profile within the developer community.

4: Make it interactive

There are endless ways to get your audience involved: hold contests to allow people to name things in your game, arrange polls about proposed features or even allow your audience to give feedback on things like your concept art, logo or even the name of the game.

Marketing for an indie mobile game can seem confusing and difficult. But don’t think of it as a separate job. Think of marketing through social media as your chance to introduce yourself to your audience.

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