How to know your mobile gamers in todays world

How to know your mobile gamers in todays world

So you think you know who your mobile gamers are?  Think again!  Gamers have grown up, they no longer fit the solo gamer stereotype but rather they now have gamer kids, families are gaming together and the devices they play on have changed. Big Fish Games reports that 48 million people play games on smartphones and tablets in the US alone.

The increase in game play on smartphones and tablets limits users typically to either iOS or Android. While, there are a number of commonalities between a typical iOS and Android, the differences make it clear that a developer can’t treat the two the same or expect similar results form both. So what should you consider when trying to understand who your mobile gamers are:

1. Best day of the week for mobile gamers

Both player groups have peak game play activity on the weekends. Saturday takes first place, followed by Sunday and Friday. It’s likely there is a contingent of heavy gamers who play steadily regardless of day of week, and the weekend volume is being driven — in part — by players who wait until the weekend to play.

2. Ad engagement

Both groups are more than twice as likely to download games after seeing video ads versus static ads. Video ads offer a great deal of opportunity for advertisers to showcase real gameplay to potential players.

3. Location

Even though the top location for both groups is the US, it differs for second and third place.  For iOS, second place is China followed by the UK whereas for Google Play it is Brazil and Russia. So if your strategy involves targeting certain locations then it pays to know where your gamers are.

4. Devices

The top devices used by iOS gamers are iPhone 6, iPhone 4S and the iPad mini. The top devices used by Google Play gamers are different versions of the Samsung Galaxy: the S4, S3 and then the S5 (all of which have a similar screen size to the iPhone 6).

As more players enter the mobile gaming space, developers must use data tools in order to best understand the people who are engaging with their titles. Learning about specific behavior on a platform is just the tip of the iceberg, but it’s a great place to start.

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