Part One: 5 tips on how to achieve social media success

Part One: 5 tips on how to achieve social media success

So you have decided to build an app? You’ve tested your ideas with your family, friends on social media and everybody that is willing to help you succeed. But you need to take your app to the next level and that will probably involve a few thousand more friends. So what are some of our top tips to achieve social media success.

1. Set social media goals and objectives

Who can be bothered to set goals, without goals you can’t track how successful your social media campaigns are. Goals should be more than just saying you want X amount of followers in X amount of days. You should think about what you are trying to achieve, for example: increase sales; generate a buzz or create a forum for your users.

Setting goals allows you to track your social media engagement and if it isn’t working to change track.

2. Stay organised

Maintaining a social media presence can be hard work but it shouldn’t take up all your time. Organisation is the key, not only to ensure you don’t spend all day but also to keep it meaningful. We like to keep it simple, we have a social media calendar to remind us to: post to our social channels; and ensure we make regular blog posts.

A social media calendar ensures you stay on task, allows you to group your content and monitor your strategy.

3. Make it personal

Your app is your voice and you should be passionate about what you have built. You need to interact with your followers, respond to their feedback and create involvement. You shouldn’t always just try to “sell”. You should try to help your users, educate them, or have fun with them. You can engage with your users by creating how-to articles, tips and tricks etc. Remember, this is your app and you want to make sure your personality shines through.

4. Target your audience

Where is your target market audience? You want to go where your audience is, of course you should utilise your social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. However, you should also consider secondary channels like Google+, reddit etc.

5. Make friends

Sounds easy right?  It’s not simply about having a large number of users on social media, but making sure you nurture these friendships. You want to be someone that people want to follow, so you want to be funny, witty, insightful or gracious. It’s the simple things that will grow your base: remember to give credit where it is deserved; thank people for retweets; return the favour and retweet; share content with other developers who you work alongside or admire. Don’t forget that utilising your followers networks is a great way to expand your social reach.

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